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Old ( Palaia ) Penteli is a green suburb North of Athens with low temperature during summer situated on the southern slopes of the limestone Penteli mountains. The location is ideal for travellers looking for a ‘’home’’ far from the hustle and bustle of the city center. The quiet street that the complex is located is ideal for long walks, jogging and physical activity. Within walking distance the visitor can find coffee shops a local market and Greek traditional restaurants named taverns. It is recommended to have a car so as to visit the numerous nearby organised beaches, the historical Marathon area and Cape Sounion offering amazing sunset views.





What you can find near us

Visitor Center of Penteli of the National Observatory of Athens – 1,6 km

Just 1,6 km from the Oleander Boutique Apartments is the Visitor Center of Penteli of the National Observatory of Athens. The Observatory has educational and interactive programs as well as tours for the public of every age. For more information visit the official website from the following link: https://www.astro.noa.gr/en/visitorcenter/penteli/



New Penteli Square – 2,6 km

At 2,6 km from our apartments is the square of New Penteli. It is an ideal destination for a coffee, a relaxing stroll offering food options that can satisfy almost all gastronomic preferences. At the New Penteli Square one can find a variety of restaurants and cafes. Latest years it has become a famous meeting point for the locals as well as for visitors.



Penteli Waterfalls – 4,6 km

A unique landscape of natural beauty and a hidden gem of the area are the Penteli Waterfalls just 4,6 km from the Oleander Boutique Apartments. Those who visit it, especially during the summer season, can enjoy the ultimate relaxation and can also have a swim at the waters of the small pond that is formed from the waterfalls.